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I’m Heather, a 33 year old blogger, mother of 3, from Missouri. I enjoy photography, baking/cooking, thrifting as well as crafting. I’m a beauty junkie, a lover of vintage and am a wannabe homesteader.

I work with several companies as a product photographer, as well as being a ghost blogger for a large crafting company.

I am a PR Friendly Blogger, and enjoy sharing recipes, hosting giveaways, Creating Sponsored Posts, Writing Honest Product Reviews and so much more! I have worked with many brands, including: Oriental Trading Company, Chuck E. Cheese,  Nickelodeon, Walmart Mobile, Yankee Candle, American Girl, GameStop, Hard Candy, just to name a few!

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Stats as of  10/1/2017 

Monthly Visitors: 51,876

Twitter : 28,900 followers

Facebook: 2,700  followers

Instagram- 6,000 followers

Amazon-  I have a top 1,000 reviewer badge and am currently ranked in the 600’s