Merry Mini Turkey Meatloaf Bites With Jennie-O!


My family is a bit unconventional. Even during the Holiday’s our family likes a wide variety of delicious foods and treats that might not exactly the “the norm”…one thing being meatloaf. Mini-meatloaf to be exact! I love serving up a platter of hot delicious little loaves that I know my family is going to enjoy.

With a large family with a wide variety of dietary needs and restrictions, I felt that Ground Turkey from Jennie-O was definitely the way to go. Not only is it amazingly tasty, but it is so much more health happy 🙂 The Ground Turkey I purchased was in a 1 lb roll, gluten free and all natural! For my recipe I purchased two rolls—which made an absolute ton of mini loaves—over 2 dozen! ( my kids snuck a few so I wasn’t able to get an accurate count…kids! )

Simply follow your favorite meatloaf instructions only using Jennie-O Ground Turkey for our ground meat choice!

Though I do not follow any specific recipe in my cooking ( if you follow my blog you’ve probably noticed! )  I thought I would share the ingredients that I add to make my mini meatloaves super yum! Be forewarned, this not not a how-to, but merely a show-and-tell post with a few ideas and suggestions based on my own experience.


We add cheese! Yep, we use shredded cheddar! Peppers–any color, Onion–usually one,  Bread Crumbs—though we make ours by toasting a few pieces of bread and crunching them up, Eggs ( Usually one per lb) and various spices. Sometimes I add a bit of ketchup to the mix, sometimes not–it really just depends on my mood, but I always add a topping made of ketchup, mustard and brown sugar. I am definitely a cook who just loves playing around with amounts and flavors–but there are tons of great meatloaf recipes out here with specific amounts and measurements out there for those of you who prefer to be precise!

After we make our mixture I put the meat in silicone molds to create cute little loaves—though you could just as easily shape them into your own preferred size loaves and place on a broiler pan. I bake mine at 350 ,and because of the smaller size of the loaves keep a closer eye on them as they cook faster than my normal sized loaf, which usually takes an hour. For this small batch it took around 30 mins in my oven–but I did pull them out and check the middles before determining it was time 🙂


Jennie-O Ground Turkey Loaves were really a huge hit with my family and will definitely be added to our Holiday menu and enjoyed for years to come!

Jennie-O carries a wide variety of turkey products for more traditional Holiday celebrations, including a wide variety of Whole Turkeys, not to mention all of their super yummy products that can be enjoyed year ’round! Some our family favorites are turkey bacon, turkey franks and bratwurst!


I was provided product for the purpose of review. I have provided my honest and unbiased experience in return.

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