My Easter Table featuring Oriental Trading + Chocolate Inspired Mini Easter Baskets!


Easter is one of my very favorite holidays, that is a fact. I love the pastel colors, the cheery designs and the fresh spring feeling that comes with putting out the Easter decor. I absolutely love planning out what I am going to put out and where I am going to put it, but I also love planning my Easter table decor just as much…like what we will eat on, for our Easter celebration, what goodies I will include, the sweet decorations I will put out. It’s definitely one of my most favorite things to plan for. With that said,  I genuinely hate the anxiety that comes along with hunting down the things I need. I despise going all over town to find all the supplies ( if I even can! ), I hate fighting crowds and just everything that goes along with planning a celebration–to other than planning and then actually decorating, of course.

Recently, I discovered the absolute JOY of shopping with Oriental Trading Company ( believe me when I say joy! ) ! I was able to fully plan my son’s classroom Valentine’s Day party in around 30 mins without leaving the house! So I definitely knew that I definitely had to do the same thing for Easter–no question.


I was able to find all of the things I need—no compromising, and set up what I feel is going to be a truly beautiful table for my little family to enjoy on Easter. I was honestly truly surprised to see how many absolutely gorgeous items that they carry, and wish I had started my love affair with Oriental Trading a bit sooner!

Check out the awesome supplies I picked up for Easter 2016! I am absolutely in love!


1. Suitcase Centerpiece. This was my favorite new Easter addition. Its cardboard and 12″ x 5″ x 10″. It’s well made and stunningly beautiful. I have been able to do so many things with it since receiving it.

2. Mini Paper Easter Baskets. These come in 4 colors: Yellow, Purple, Pink and Blue. They have a bunny on one side and a sweet little chick on the other. These are quite tiny, but totally perfect to put at each place setting. They are  2 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 4″.

3. Vintage Collection  Paper Dessert Plate. These plates are absolutely stunning and super shabby chic! I am seriously in love with these paper plates, and wish I could use them for every meal 😉 8 plates are included in each pack.

4. Vintage Collection Hanging Fans. You receive 6 hanging fans in different sizes and colors–you definitely need to check out this listing to see how BEAUTIFUL these fans are! I decided to use two of the fans on the table, and hang the rest from the ceiling on the day.

5. Light Blue Cups. You get 24 in a pack,. These are nice sturdy cups.

6. Vintage Collection Paper Napkins.  You get 16 beautiful napkins that match perfectly with the Vintage Collection plates! These are super sweet and lovely.


I also ordered the adorable Plush Chocolate Bunnies shown here, you get 1 dozen with either blue, yellow or green ribbons. These are SO adorable and can be used in so many ways. The sweet little Chocolate Flavored Bunny Suckers ( You also receive a dozen ) are also super cute, not to mention delicious. I think everything came together so nicely, and I couldn’t be more pleased!

I was so excited about Easter, that I also created a few sweet Chocolate Inspired Mini Easter Baskets with items from Oriental Trading Company as well. These are cute little baskets that only contain one actual edible item, but are truly sweet!


Each little basket comes from Oriental Trading, they are called Pastel Round Easter Baskets. You receive one dozen, 2 of each color, including: Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange and Purple. These sweet little baskets are perfect for gifting a little something and come with two little handles.

I also included the Plush Bunnies from above, as well as the chocolate Bunny Suckers. One new addition is the Chocolate Candy-Printed Plastic Easter Eggs. These are SO cute, and SO unique. I have never seen any plastic eggs like them, and I think they make the perfect addition to this Chocolate themed basket. You receive 78 eggs, which I think is amazing.

The rest of the chocolate themed goodies were actually leftovers I had from Valentine’s Day ( also from Oriental Trading), that I thought were absolutely perfect. I included a Chocolate Bar Notepad, A Chocolate Bar Eraser and a Chocolate Bar Pencil Sharpener. It all went together so perfectly, and makes for a super sweet gift that isn’t full of sugar—something that most parents can appreciate!


Check out Oriental Trading Company on their Website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube! I know they will be happy that you stopped by—and if you are planning ANY sort of event or holiday celebration…or just like cute goodies, I know you will be too! 🙂





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