My Growing Up Chart from the Victoria Chart Company Review

A large reward chart and re-usable stickers to help encourage positive behavior, achievement and development in children from 4 years. Ideal for preparing children for elementary school.

Most importantly, parents can customize this chart to the individual need of their child to thorough support the everyday challenges.

Each pack contains:

• A Large Wall Chart (11 inches wide by 25 inches high) to hang in a central point to monitor progress.
• 10 x Activity Stickers which cover the following activities: I enjoyed school, I’ve been kind to someone, I dressed myself, I practiced my reading, I’ve eaten my food, I practiced my math, I’ve written and drawn, I practiced my spellings, I’ve been good at bedtime and I’ve been polite.
• 6 x Blank Activity Stickers that can be customized to the individual needs of your child.
• 240 Colored 1-20 Stickers designed to help with learning colors and counting.
• 84 Gold ‘Great Job’ Star Stickers for when your child does exceptionally well.
• A Supportive Information Sheet with a practical example, tips and guidelines to help you and your child get the best results from your chart.• Sticky mounting pads and a dry-erase marker.

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( I apologize that the photo quality isn’t up to my normal standards, We put this chart in our hall with our homeschool stuff, and the lighting isn’t too swell! )

My daughter Leelah has always done what she was told, always. She does her chores, helps out beyond her chores, does her homework, etc…my Son Lennon on the other hand is the trickier child 😉 he is hard headed ( which I actually like! ) he has no desire to help clean up around the house ( which I don’t like ), do his school work, eat his veggies, or go to bed on time. We have tried many types of reinforcements  positive and negative (admittedly) and so far not much as worked. We have tried homemade charts, checking boxes, reward jars etc, but this premade chart with stickers ( some customizable! )  has seemed to be a hit…so far 😉 We are a little bit further than when I took  the photo’s, but as of now, he is still pretty into getting to help put his stickers up at the end of the day! He has even gotten a few stars! The chart is set up very clear and easy to use, and the pictures help children who can’t read understand what goal they are working towards with that particular section. I love this idea and using positive reinforcement is the way I would truly love to overcome our little issues 😉 I have no real complaints with this system at all, the only complaint I have with what I received I will talk more about at the end of this post.

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Bright colorful stickers really grab my son’s attention!
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Everything is very clear and the instructions are great.

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I love the fact that some of the stickers can be customized to fit your child’s particular need!

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Literally my only complaint is that the white marker that came with the set pictured above did not work…at all. I had to pull out one of my handy dandy Dollar Tree markers to get the job done. I feel like this is a small issue, though it might be bigger to some given the price of 18.99.

Why I love this system is all of the encouragement it gives my son, here is some info from the Victoria Chart Company website on encouragement and praise!

Our Encourage & Praise™ Method

Children learn from our attitudes, our actions and our reactions. The way we communicate with and around children has a great impact on their development.  However, the pressure of modern day life can make it difficult to remember to act positively – our attention can often be elsewhere, our voices raised and we can be quick to focus on the negative.

Our carefully created Encourage & Praise™ reward systems provide a reference point to help families address this issue. They act as a positive reminder to work together to achieve goals.
Placing our charts in an easy to view position and combining the excitement of receiving a sticker with verbal praise creates a powerful tool for a parent/carer to recognise and acknowledge a child’s achievements. Building our charts into your daily routine can help families to create a positive environment.
 Using our Encourage & Praise™ reward charts will:
 set goals to encourage both adult and child to work together;
 provide a visual tool from which families can see progress and feel good about achievement;
 act as a reminder and a focal point for all to work from.
 reach the specific needs of each individual child.
As a result our Encourage & Praise™ reward system will enable children to:
 have fun engaging with their chart;
 see how well they are doing;
 feel good about their progress;
 build great self-esteem;
 repeat their positive actions.
Positive adult involvement is key to the success of our charts. Helping children to feel good about themselves can ease a parents/carers frustration and bring both adult and child closer together. All of which makes for a happy home.
To find out more info on this chart and the others that they have to offer, please visit :



I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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