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nailtiquesIn an attempt to make myself feel more beautiful, I have been trying to focus on my fingernails. I’m a firm believer that it’s the little things you do that make you feel like a woman. A simple accessory, a little bit of lip gloss, the right shoes. Little things can make a big difference in our day. A little back story – I am a nail biter. I have been my entire life. My nails never grew out past the ends of my fingers because I would always chew them off. As a teenager, I was always totally jealous of my mom, who would file her nails every night. I wanted to have long nails, too, but I didn’t have the discipline to just stop biting them. When my first child was born, that all changed. I simply had no time to sit and think long enough to consider biting my nails. It wasn’t long before I had to buy my first nail file. Once I actually had nails that grew to the point of being used to scratch with, I determined I would never bite them again. It’s been 8 years now, and I finally believe I can say I’m free of the biting habit. Nail care isn’t just about not biting them, as I quickly learned. You have to take care of those nails! Filing, painting, dealing with chips and getting super sad when one breaks and it’s obviously shorter than the rest… LOL, so many little things that go into keeping your nails feminine. For years I have used nail strengthening polish. Still, when my nails would get past a certain length, they would become flexible, to the point of being bendy. The tips of  my nails were thin and ugly. I was putting in the effort, but my nails weren’t getting stronger. Then I met nailtiques. nailtiquesNailtiques is a company dedicated to superior nail care. This awesome company has developed a nail care routine that can radically change your nails. When I first got the nailtiques kit (I have Formula 2), it seemed to be like other strengtheners that I have tried. It’s a clear polish that is designed to nourish your nails and help them grow strong and healthy. The first week or so I didn’t notice a huge difference. This is a picture of my first coat. You can see how thin my nails were on the ends. nailtiques vegasThe kit of nailtiques I have contains the Formula 2 Nail Protein and a bottle of color lacquer called Vegas. I am a french tip kind of gal, but I tried the Vegas and liked it a lot. I wore it on my trip to Springfield, Mo in early September. It’s now early November and I have been using the nailtiques for two months. Three days ago, I went to the nail salon for the first time in about 3 years. Let me tell you, after two months of using the nailtiques, my nails have changed radically! When I first at down, the sweetest Vietnamese man in the world started working on my hands. He commented that my nails were long and actually asked if they were real. He said my nails were very strong. He seemed rather impressed. I was all smiles. He gave me a great manicure and I left walking on air. Two months of minimal effort and even the nail expert noticed! Here’s what my nails look like today: IMG_0586 So, if you’re a woman who, like me, struggles with your nails, I cannot recommend nailtiques highly enough. My entire view of my nails has changed. You can check Nailtiques out on their website here and their Facebook here.

Nailtiques is an innovator in the worldwide nail care industry. Our company is dedicated to the development and maintenance of healthy, natural nails. Our complete line of prescribed, salon-tested products provides the best nail care system available today.

Our company’s success is based upon its unique products that promote natural nail growth, strength and moisture retention. Since 1990, Nailtiques has been providing therapeutic nail treatments that surpass all others. Nailtiques nail care system treats multiple nail problems with six specially formulated protein strengths. They not only supply nourishment to strengthen nails, they also eliminate peeling.

Nailtiques crèmes are a vital source for healthy skin and nails. The unique formulations provide complete nourishment that promotes and maintains a healthy foundation for long strong nails and beautiful skin.

Nailtiques is based in Florida and is the sole manufacturer and distributor of its products. Because we will not sacrifice quality, our products are made of the finest ingredients.

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