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For those of you who do not know, I have a 14 month old son named August. I breastfeed little Augie currently, and know the importance of a good nursing bra! For those of you who haven’t breastfed before and are planning on it, or for those of you who currently breastfeed, but are still trying to make your regular old bra work, please read ahead! 🙂

Not only is it amazing to have the support you ( from your nursing bra )  need while nursing ( your breast get SO heavy! ), it’s important to have an easy way to access your breast on demand for your little one. Nursing bras differ from regular bras in a very important way, they have a clasp or panel that allows super fast and easy access to your breast. When you are  breastfeeding when you are out and about, and not sitting in the comfort of your home, I have found a nursing bra VERY helpful in easily feeding my sweet Augie is a swift easy manor —we all know how frantic it can be to calm a crying hungry baby!

If you are  choosing a nursing bra and are not yet nursing, is best to buy it big! Not huge, but at least one cup sized bigger. In my personal experience my cup size grew quite a bit when my milk arrived! There are many helpful resources for nursing mothers on! I was quite surprised at how many great helpful tips and articles were available and have referenced back to  them several times! They also provide sizing suggestions and guides that should help you along your nursing bra selection experience!

I received the Confetti Nursing Bra by Bravado in a size XL.  This bra is pictured above in the color that I chose. I am not including personal photographs in this post like usual for obviously reasons 😉 I am a plus sized woman with large breasts, so I was a bit concerned with choosing an XL, however, on there is a helpful guide that provided help in making my decision.

Here is the guide that I used to make my decision. I went by the guide and decided to choose an XL.

  B C D DD (E) DDD (F)
32 S S S S S
34 S S M M M
36 S M M L L
38 M M L L XL
40     L XL XL
42     XL XL XL

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this information is entirely accurate, and the bra fit well! I made all of the necessary adjustments and was very pleased with the support and fit the bra provided.

The material is very soft, very breathable and the color I chose ( Fawn ) was completely perfect for me and my specific needs. I was looking for something SUPER comfortable, something I could wear around the house and feel relaxed in, but be able to go out and wear it with my normal every day clothing. The bra straps were not bulky and were able to be completely hidden by my top, and the color perfect for remaining invisible.

I am VERY pleased with my experience with Nursing Bra Express! Their customer service is wonderful, shipping fast and my bra was a very high quality product and just as pictured/described. They have a HUGE variety of bras, and I am confident there is a bra for every need…in fact I plan on ordering another bra very soon to try out another style!

Here are the specs for the Confetti Nursing Bra:

Silky smooth stretchy microfiber nursing bra in a cute Swiss Dot pattern! Add some fun to your nursing bra collection with the Confetti Nursing Bra by Bravado. Lightweight, smooth fabric with delicate, feminine styling – this nursing bra is seamless and will feel like second skin when you wear it. No underwire, no tags, pure comfort. Buy one in each color! 75% nylon/16% polyester/9% spandex. By Bravado. Imported.

Nursing Bra Features: no padding, no underwire

Colors: Black, Fawn, Plum Sizes: S, M, L, XL

I personally believe that breastfeeding is one of the absolute best thing you can do for your sweet baby! There are so many wonderful benefits to both Babe and Mother and a great nursing bra just makes the experience ( especially during the adjustment period in the beginning ) a bit simpler allowing you to relax and enjoy the amazing experience ahead of you! 🙂

You can check out Nursing Bra Express and their website here as well as find them on Facebook here.

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