Nurturing a Giving Spirit, 5 Ways For Kids to Practice Give Back During the Holidays! + Enter For Your Chance To Win $25 PayPal Cash to Help YOU Give Back!

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For years I spoiled my kids. Though we are a family of low-income, I always found a way to go over the top each year during the Holiday’s to make sure my children’s every whim was met. As my kids started growing, I noticed something that didn’t settle well—my kids were getting spoiled, but not only that, ungrateful. They seemed to have lost the true spirit of this season of giving and cared only about what THEY would be receiving that year, not what they themselves could give.

At this point, I made it my goal, no, my mission to be sure that I raised grateful children and teach them Every day, care. Children that think not only of themselves, but the countless others that might not be so fortunate as my children have been their entire lives. They have shelter, warm clothing, food, countless toys, books to read and a big family to visit with and support them all year long. We decided to sit down and make a list. A list that focused on what THEY could do to show others the love and kindness that we in our family have been shown. I explained to them that it didn’t even have to be material, that just showing love and kindness to those who are alone can make a world of difference in someone’s life…not just during the holidays.


Our mission was to set realistic goals that we could meet. Goals that would encourage them to give and be grateful, not huge tasks that might be discouraging…starting small is ok.

Here are the five things we decided to do to begin our season of giving, our return to grateful hearts that show compassion and love.

  1. Each of my children decided to collect items to put in a Christmas boxes that will be sent all over the world to brighten the lives and holiday seasons of kiddos there very own age all over, that might not even have the basic necessities, let alone a present on Christmas morning. Things like small toys, gloves, toothbrushes and art supplies, things that can easily be purchased at at dollar store that make a huge impact in a child’s life…I think seeing that that these small gifts can make a huge impact really brings a huge amount of enlightenment of how truly lucky and blessed they really are.DSC_0415
  2. Bringing frozen easy to reheat meals to the elderly and disabled in a local living facility was their next idea. We know several family members who live in this particular facility and know that it can sometimes be a challenge to put together complete hearty and healthy meals for some and thought that this would be a great way to show Every day, care! We cooked a big pot of stew ( a favorite )  on our Whirlpool range, froze them in freezer bags in our Whirlpool freezer and plan on distributing them once again for residents to easily reheat.PicMonkey Collage
  3. Adopt a Grandparent! Like I said before we frequently visit a living facility with many many lonely elderly and disabled residents who are very lonely year ’round, but especially during the holidays! We have have chosen a wonderful woman to adopt as our “grandparent” We not only go on visits, but deliver holiday goodies, freshly baked cookies in our Whirlpool oven that she just loves! Small gestures and visits really brighten the moods and spirits of many, as well as enrich the lives of children teaching them not only compassion but history and so many invaluable lessons!cookies
  4. Donating toys to local organizations—even gently used toys, which is what we are doing, is a great way for kiddos to give back! Every year we sort through all of our toys and box up the things we have outgrown and donate them to our local free store. All of the toys go to local children ( which I love! ) that can use them! This helps de-clutter their rooms, lessens waste and gives a well deserving child a merrier holiday!
  5. Last but not least, they are collecting books and magazines to donate to our local nursing homes as well as the lending library located in our local food bank. Even magazines that are a few months old provide much welcomed entertainment to a senior and my children get so much joy from leaving a pile of books, knowing that other children will enjoy the surprise of finding a fun new book to read!


These are just small acts, but these things can mean the world to someone in need, someone who is lonely, someone who might simply need a smile put on their face! I hope that teaching my children to give, not just material objects, but their time and kindness will help them appreciate everything they have been blessed with and teach them a lesson of gratefulness not just during the holiday season, but every single day.

Even as an adult, I think that it is important to think about giving back. I am also challenging myself to work more in my community, to be selfless and to think of the needs of others ever single day. I was so overjoyed to learn that Whirlpool ( my favorite appliance brand—if you cannot already tell ) has teamed up with Habitat For Humanity and have inspired me to get involved and show my Every day, care in my community, because simple acts of nurture and care can make all of the difference in the world!

To learn more about how you can donate to Habitat for Humanity and show your Every day, click here.

And for those of your interested in giving your time and volunteer efforts you can visit the Habitat For Humanity Volunteer page here! Let’s show our gratefulness and give back…it takes so little time to truly change someones day and maybe just change their life as well as your own!

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Enter to Win $25 PayPal Cash!

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