Partyin’ Chuck E. Cheese Style!

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My kids have always loved Chuck E. Cheese, in fact all of the kids I know love Chuck E. Cheese, so when we were given the opportunity to party with Chuck E., of course we said YES! My daughter has an upcoming Birthday, so we decided to party Chuck E. style at what ended up being her very favorite Birthday Party to date!
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At Chuck E. Cheese we were warmly greeted when we arrived and my little Birthday girl received star treatment immediately! She was outfitted in an adorable pink cape, a Birthday girl grown and a super cute special Birthday bracelet! Our super helpful Birthday attendant had everything sat up when we arrived—this was amazing! There were no preparations to be made on my part, we simply sat down and ordered our pizza and the party began! I can’t begin to express what a relief this was for me—as someone who often stresses planning parties, having everything taken care of was a dream come true!

Each child received a bag full of goodies, a cup of tokens, a super neat Chuck E cup and of course Pizza and Cake! The pizza was absolutely delicious and so was the cake! Another bonus—being able to purchase your Birthday Cake right there instead of the dreaded trip to the party location trying not to drop or bump the cake on the way! Score! The adults in the part also took a few trips to the salad bar, and I have to say it was absolutely delicious! I totally pigged out and definitely didn’t regret it! The food at Chuck E. Cheese is definitely not the food of my childhood…it is totally delish and gourmet–not to mention pretty reasonably priced!


After we ate Chuck E. himself came out and gave the Birthday girl a special surprise! A Birthday show! It was so much fun! My daughter got to dance with the mouse himself and afterward, all of the party guests got to have their photos taken. Chuck E. was great! He posed, interacted with the kids and definitely put a few smiles on the faces of the little guys!

The biggest hit of the party came next, the Ticket Blaster! The Birthday child gets a chance to stand inside of the blaster and grab at flying tickets in attempt to tuck away as many as they can! After they grab, the tickets are tallied and the kiddo gets to walk away with a ton of tickets! My daughter, Leelah walked away with 1,000!!! She was super excited as this was the most she has EVER had! Woohoo!

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And of course then there were the games…oh, the games! The kids spent the rest of the evening running, jumping and earning tickets! There are so many games to choose from–for kids and adults alike! Everyone had a blast gaming, taking photos and of course trying to get as many tickets as possible! Even the super little ones were able to have fun! Much to their delight, there was a super fun area designated just for them! They were able to ride age appropriate rides, slide and just have a ton of fun!

It’s safe to say, everyone had fun. This was THE easiest party we have ever hosted, the set up was taken care of, the clean up as well and everyone left with full bellies and tons of great prizes and memories! We will definitely be partying with Chuck E. Cheese from now on…that’s a fact.

We were privileged enough to be able to party with Chuck E. in exchange for our honest review. These opinions of our experience our own and were not swayed in any way.

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