Petunia Skincare

Petunia Skincare

Petunia Skincare This is my first post over here at Homemaking Heather, and I want to thank Heather for allowing me to guest-post here on her amazing blog.

Since this is my first post, I’ll start by saying that I’m a 34-year-old wife and mom. I am an entrepreneur and currently have my hands in a number of business, and am pretty much run ragged all the time.  I’m always busy. Well, more than busy. I’m always exasperated. Just completely over-worked and at this point, underpaid. I never take time for myself. I am one of those people who takes 5 minute showers and never wears make-up because there are just better things to do with my time than take care of myself.

As I get older, though, the stress and exasperation is starting to show. I inherited some good genes from my parents, so I don’t look as ragged as I feel, but I can tell that it’s coming – the obvious signs of age. Everyone wants to avoid that, but it’s a pat of growing older, and for me at least, the time and effort it takes to appear younger isn’t wort it. I don’t have time for an hour long nightly ritual that may or may not prevent the slow sagging of skin the inevitably comes with age.

That all changed when I heard about Petunia Skincare. I know, you’re thinking, “How can one little company entirely change your views on skincare?” The answer: it’s simple, affordable, and it works. Let me start by telling you about the products I use.

Vitamin C Serum + E + Hyaluronic Acid + Ferulic AcidVitamin C Serum + E + Hyaluronic Acid + Ferulic Acid

$25.97 on Amazon

This is a professional Anti-Aging Serum that restores your skin’s elasticity and the radiance of youth. Vitamin C is key to the production of collagen, a protein that aids in the growth of cells and blood vessels and gives skin its firmness and strength [source: WebMD]. Vitamin C also helps create scar tissue and ligaments, and it helps your skin repair itself [source: Milton S. Hershey Medical Center]. Vitamin E is well-known in the skincare world because vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin. Babies are born with large amounts of Hyaluronic Acid in the spaces between their skin cells – it’s what gives their skin fullness and that plump, new look. As we age, levels of Hyaluronic Acid drop, most significantly after 40. Ferulic Acid is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, and it can magnify the effects of other antioxidants, especially vitamins C and E. Put all of these ingredients together, and you have a powerful formula that can actually reverse the signs of aging.

To use the Anti-Aging Serum, you simply clean and dry your face, apply a small amount and massage into the skin.

Revitalize Eye Serum Revitalize Eye Serum

$32.97 on Amazon

This eye serum addresses the root cause of dark, puffy eyes – thinning of the delicate skin under the eyes. The serum makes use of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and Ferulic Acid. It goes a step further with Sea Kelp Bioferment as an oil-free moisturizer. Other ingredients include Vitamin B3 (contributes to the support of the skin’s barrier against pollutants and other irritants)Coconut Endosperm (supports cell growth), Natural Active Peptides ( help moisturize and supply your skin with amino acids that will be used in collagen synthesis)Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone (found in citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit and is used to reduce dark circles under the eyes), and Caffeine (dehydrates fat cells and makes skin appear smoother, reduces puffiness under eyes). 

To use, you simply clean and dry the face and massage around the eye.

I use the products at night, after washing my face. I apply the Anti-Aging Serum first, then the Eye Serum.

I started using these products about 3 weeks ago. I took some photos after my first use, and then today, after using them for 3 weeks.

Day 1
Day 1
Day 22
Day 22

The results aren’t super dramatic after only a few weeks, but I can absolutely tell the difference. My eyes used to look like someone punched me – the perpetual black eye. The dark circles under my eyes have been reduced to a more normal level. I’m expecting the reduction to continue over the next months. As far as wrinkles go. I don’t really have any, and I’m hoping that the Petunia Skin Care products keep it that way. These products are so simple to use, I’ll definitely keep using them.

Petunia SkincareIf you’re looking for a simple, affordable skincare regimen that actually works, I recommend that you check out Petunia Skincare.

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