Rainforest Journey Review


Rainforest Journey is the first e-learning science program from EdTechLens. It covers the life sciences component of the elementary school science curriculum and covers the same concepts in increasing complexity for grades K-5.

Recently my 5th grade daughter and I were given the chance to check out and review this program. The program can be used on your computer, phone or tablet, which is convenient so that my daughter has the capability of using the program on her tablet in her room, in the car, etc.


With 34 lessons broken down into 5 sections, my daughter was able to easily navigate the program and work at her own pace. This program features beautifully bright photographs, and short videos that make the program a ton of fun! This program is not only easy to navigate through the child’s dashboard, but it’s a snap to keep track of their progress and activities through the parent’s dashboard as well. The whole thing is a breeze to use and my daughter really enjoyed how learning through these interactive lessons.


This is a great program for children, especially those who benefit from visual style learning. The program definitely was so much fun and visually pleasing, that my daughter didn’t seem to mind taking the quizzes or assessments! This was a nice change of pace from our normal routine, that’s for sure—she’s never too fond of tests when they roll around.

She definitely is thoroughly enjoying the program and loves her Monday and Wednesday lessons. It’s helped her not only get in her science hours, but has improved her computing skills as well. This is a great program for not only the classroom, but for the home school classroom as well. I know when the time comes, my boys will definitely benefit from the program throughout their home school careers as well. I only wish that this program went beyond 5th grade, as I know my daughter would enjoy/benefit from it greatly.

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