Southern Gem Candles Review- A 2014 Homemaking Heather Holiday Gift Guide Pick!

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Now that Halloween is over I am in such a mood for all things Holiday/Christmas related! Even Thanksgiving in our home is sort of Christmas themed, simply because I love it so much! I love the feeling, the time I get to spend with family, the  presents 😉 and of course the  scents and decorations that I get to put up! Ohhhh the wonderful scents! I admit I am such a sucker for Holiday scents and generally stock up so that the magic can last throughout the year! Today I am going to tell you about a fabulous new Holiday scent that has recently came into our lives just in time for my Holiday cravings 😉 and boy oh boy did it fit the bill!

I received a Southern Gem Candle in the scent Christmas Eve, and oh my goodness I am so glad that I did! The scent is absolutely amazing, It’s like all of my Christmas memories transformed into a fantastic scent! I love the Mason jar and the sweet packaging! ( If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE when things come in reusable packaging, especially Mason jars! ) It looks very nice displayed in my living room and makes the whole room smell fabulous! This candle is made of soy and has lasted  for forever! I have been burning it for quite some time, and I am nowhere near being done!  The burn is fairly clean and I really appreciate that, I hate cheap messy candles! On top of all that, these candles come with an extra something! Inside each candle is a gem surprise! My gem appeared not too long after I started burning my candle, it was wrapped in a bit of foil to protect it and then is inside a little plastic pouch inside of the foil. I received a Brazilian Amethyst 10mm Trillion. It is so gorgeous! I haven’t decided what I want to do with my gem yet, but the possibilities are endless! I think these candles would make THE perfect Christmas gift for a special someone, they are available in 12 different fab scents and sell for 31.99. These candles have very high reviews and I can say without a doubt that those reviews are completely accurate! These candles are “gems”! 😉 I have added these candles to my Christmas wish list because I cannot wait to try another!!

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Info from the Southern Gem Candles website:
Our candles are hand poured with the finest quality soy wax from soy beans grown in American soil. Each candle is infused with natural, essential oils that fill large spaces with intense fragrance. Our fragrances will fill your home with memories and take you away to your favorite places. Our elegant candles are poured in 16 ounce, reusable mason jars and that are sure to brighten and capture any room. Each candle will burn for 50 to 55 hours.

Feel the anticipation of lighting your first candle, check out our candles now. The wait is over!

Our Gemstones
There is something special and exciting about burning your candle with the anticipation of discovering your beautiful gemstone! All of our gemstones are of the finest quality and you will receive one gemstone or a matched pair of gemstones in each candle with a retail value between $15 and $1000. Each gemstone will be wrapped in a secure foil pack. When you unwrap your stone or stones, you will be treated to a beautiful precious or semi-precious stone that you will be proud to display or set into a piece of fine jewelry. Each gem pack will be labeled with the type of stone and size of your stone or stones.

Retrieving Your Gemstone
We are all excited to get to our gemstone, but please use caution when retrieving your stone. Your gemstone foil pack will be in the top 1/3 of your candle. Our soy wax has a melting point of 121-125 degrees. Once you see your foil pack, first and foremost, blow out your candle. Remove the foil pack with a pair of tweezers and place on a paper towel. Let cool for 1 or 2 minutes, unwrap and enjoy your stone or stones.
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 Christmas Eve tells a tale of a cozy night of joy in front of the fireplace. It combines fir pine notes from the Christmas tree, orange spice notes from the kitchen and a subtle earthy smokiness from the fireplace. Let Southern Gem Candles Christmas Eve warm your holiday evenings. Your gemstone awaits inside this holiday gift.

Each Candle contains a gemstone valued between $15-$1000.

Premium, all natural Soy Candle, Christmas Green in Color.

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I thought the wick length was just right and the candle had a pretty clean burn.

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Here is the beautiful surprise gem I found inside of my candle! Isn’t it just gorgeous!?!

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  • That’s it!! This is the 2nd raving review I’ve read in 2 days. I’m going to get myself one of their candles! I’ll be doingthe jig if my candle has a trillion in it. I love that cut. Ty for sharing your review. 🙂

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