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As the mother of a “tween” I know the importance of hearts, rainbows, things that smell like candy and the color pink. As a Mom I know the importance of my childs well being and using products that are natural and chemical free! Sparklehearts is the best of both worlds! It’s outrageously adorable and smells like a candy store…seriously. But most importantly it is safe, natural and  something I can hand to my daughter and know that I am giving her something that is safe to use without worry…and there is NOTHING more important than that. These products are fantastic! My daughter uses the shampoo and conditioner exclusively, and has soft shiny manageable hair. After shampooing and conditioning she uses the detangler and I can actually get a brush through her her! Amazing! We have also used it as a bit of a hair scent after she comes inside after playing and has a bit of a wet dog smell going on ;). We just spritz a little bit on and wala! She smells clean and fresh again! The body wash is perfect for her sensitive skin, and has not caused any irritation, but allows her use a product with a fun girly scent that she so longs for! Lastly, the deodorant, her favorite! She absolutely LOVES the smell…she says it smells like a package of Smarties ( though since we received this, I do believe they have came out with three individual scents, as well as new packaging that I have pictured above ) I have seriously caught her in her room with the container sniffing 😉 All I can say is at least she remembers to wear her deodorant now! Score! I think these products are so amazing for young girls and even women who love natural fun girly scents…you’re never too old to smell like candy! ( at least that’s my opinion! 😉 )  I also think that it would be such a fun idea to make a little gift set full of  these delicious products for my daughters friends! A fun but practical gift, and I know that their Mom’s would appreciate it !

Sparklehearts is the beauty baby of BFFs Hilary Orr & Darcy McMahon. Once these glamour gals discovered that 60% of EVERYTHING you put on your skin is absorbed into your body – yikes – they decided they only wanted completely natural beauty boosters. When they couldn’t find products that lived up to their super standards, they did what any smart, savvy, product-loving princesses would do. They created Sparklehearts.

Sparklehearts ALL natural make-up, bath and beauty products give you the glam you want without the icky extras of toxins and chemicals. Of course, being naturally beautiful is just one of the many things we value.

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Sparklehearts Shine Shampoo

Sparklehearts Shine Shampoo repairs and protects your silken strands, leaving hair remarkably radiant.

  • Pansy extract protects your lovely locks from sun damage
  • Violet extract and aloe soothe and soften each strand
  • Rosemary rejuvenates dull hair, bringing back the bounce
  • Natural coconut and sugar form fabulous foam for a super shiny clean

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Sparklehearts Soft Conditioner

Sparklehearts Soft Conditioner repairs damage and restores shine, bounce and beauty.

  • Vitamin b-5 moisturizes your mane and builds bounce.
  • Shea butter and jojoba restore the gorgeous glow of your tresses and add serious shine.
  • Wheat protein performs intense hair repair for a healthy look.

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Sparklehearts Detangler

Sparklehearts Detangler removes rebellious tangles and seals in shine for happy, healthy hair.

  • Amazing antioxidants, green tea and sage extracts prevent damage and repair hair.
  • Nettle extract obliterates oily build-up and gives dandruff the brush-off.
  • Willow bark removes shine-stealing residue.

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Bubbling Blooms Body Wash

Bubbling Blooms Body Wash bathes your bod in moisturizing bubbles that smell as sweet as they feel.

  • Evening primrose pampers your skin
  • Moisturizing sweet almond protein helps you say bye bye to dry
  • Foam fabulous natural coconut and sugar are your best bubble buddies

Girls, give your underarms some odor fighting love!

Made with 100% natural antimicrobialingredients, Yummy will help combatodor causing bacteria and help make you feel fresh and fabulous all day long.

  • Clinically Tested.
  • Dermatologist Recommended.
  • No Parabens. No Propylene Glycol.
  • Chemical Free.
  • Aluminum Free.

Scents: Sour Apple, Pineapple & Mangosteen, Raspberry Sugar

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You can find Sparklehearts products on their website, here and their Facebook, here.
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