Surprise Ride 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Review

  • 1. Select a set number of months, or just sign-up for the auto-renew monthly plan and cancel anytime.

  • Starting at $24.99/month with free shipping.

  • 2. Every month, we’ll send you a package with all the materials and instructions needed to do fun, hands-on activities.

  • 3. Get ready to see your child engaged and learning something new about our world with every box. Perfect for ages 6-11.

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1 thought on “Surprise Ride 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Review”

  • Your kids are absolutely adorable! I love how she handed little brother the pineapple to try first. They are both so polite and generous with each other. And the box looks AMAZING! I love how they were jumping with excitement. My grandson gets Surprise Ride and loves it. Thanks for sharing.

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