The Manhattan Toy Company Imagine I can & Motorworks Review!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicMy children were recently lucky enough to be able to try out sets from the Manhattan Toy Company lines Imagine I Can & Motor Works. The day the package arrived ( I hadn’t told them it was coming ) they went absolutely nuts when they saw the amazing toys they were going to get to try out and KEEP …they were very concerned as to whether or not they had to return these toys after they tried them 😛  and I cannot blame them, these toys are fantastic! They are very high quality, imaginative, fun toys that any child would feel lucky to receive…But what did I expect? The Manhattan Toy Company is known for it’s high quality, amazing toys, though I am sure you have heard that as well! These toys have been played with countless times since the box arrived and still look amazing! This proves that A. these toys ARE very high quality, and B. they are super fantastic fun toys that kids don’t want to put down…read on for details about the sets that they received and where you can get your hands on some for your own kiddos!

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MOTORWORKS is the only line of customizable wooden toy vehicles, accessories and play sets. The collection includes three different vehicle trim levels: Street Series, Speed Series and Extreme Series. It also offers vehicle accessory kits, custom car decals and play sets. ” My son thought these little cars were absolutely a hit! He and his little brother ( whose cars are not pictured outside , and are inside his room for our more quiet play ) received two customizable cars a piece, along with stickers to further customize these super cool bad boys! My son fell in love with them immediately and began taking them apart the second he got his hands on them, exclaiming ” MOM! THESE ARE CUSTOMIZABLE! THEY CAN CHANGE, MOM! ” ( believe me, caps are appropriate ) in fact most of the photo’s I took the first day in at the kitchen table when they opened their boxes are a blurred mess, because none of my children could sit still long enough for a decent photo! They loved these things. My Son Augie was into zooming them around on his high chair tray more than anything, but it delighted my heart to hear a little vroom sound come out of his mouth for the very first time! I am also delighted that these toys are made of VERY nice materials and will undoubtedly stand the test of time, meaning that Mr. Augie will still have these cars when he is a bit older and into the customizable aspect as well…not to mention that he will probably be lucky enough to inherit the above set someday as well 😉 

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MOTORWORKS SPP Super Speed Power Pack 1.0 picture

Here is a photo of the set my sweet little Aug  man received! Not only are they super fun, but they look cute put away on his little shelf in his room!

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 Here is one of the only non blurry photo’s from the “customizing” session 🙂

And now on to my daughter Leelah’s Imagine I can sets! These sets are super cute,  creative and RIGHT up her alley! She even had me bring the website up online to check out the other sets to decide which ones she would like to try in the future—which ended up being almost all of them  ( though she was especially impressed with the knitting kit ) 😉 The sets she received were the Imagine I Can Pet Rock Pals & the Imagine I can Fashion Friends set!

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“Create your own fashion statement by mixing and matching outfit and accessory pieces,. Includes 85 magnetic pieces and 4 paper background scenes. Place background scene on inside of tin, then place magnetic pieces on scene to create and play. Tin case with handle allows for easy storage and portability.” This kit was definitely perfect for my daughter, she is in love with fashion ( you can’t see but her shirt she is wearing even says Fashionista! ) She loves creating looks, and this kit has EIGHTY FIVE magnets and 4 scenes to create tons of different creations and variations of different looks! She has had hours and hours of fun with this little kit, and adores that it closes up into a little suitcase with a handle so that she can carry it anywhere she goes! She has already carried it along on several boring car rides to pass the time! ( she wanted me to include that information! ) This is another very quality toy that I know it will last forever and probably get passed along to another sweet girl once she outgrows it ( though a bit of personal information, probably won’t be for a LONG time…my daughter is a bit on the immature side, and since she home schools she has the opportunity to really nurture HER likes and interests which I LOVE! I am in NO rush for her to grow up, and love that she enjoys being so creative!  ). This would be a perfect gift for a very wide age range of girls, and would be a great Birthday or Christmas gift in my opinion.

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She also adored the Pet Rock Pals kit! “Kids can create their very own Pet Rock with clay that looks and feels like stone when dry. Plus add a variety of fun pieces to create unique pals with googly eyes, pipe cleaners and felt shape pieces. Kit includes: 2 packets of stone clay, 8 pipe cleaners, 1 set of pre-cut felt shapes, 4 pairs of googly eyes, 1 bottle of glue and 1 double-sided instruction sheet. Store all these great supplies in the cute portable storage tin.” She enjoyed being able to create her own little pets, and was super amazed that the dough hardened to what looked like real rocks…I cannot count how many people she informed that she created rocks 😉 she was also super excited that she was able to give her rock a mustache. This is a super fun creative little kit and I think would also make a great gift! I love anything that allows my kids to use their creativity and imaginations and they do too! The Imagine I Can line seems to be full of fun creative kits for a variety of ages, and I would love for my kids to try even more toys from this line.

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If you would like to check The Manhattan Toy Company out and purchase a few of these adorable sets for your kiddos ( or even yourself! ) you should visit : & for all of your social media needs 😉


We would like to say a big “Thank-You!” to Manhattan Toy Company for all of the lovely toys! We received these to try out at no cost to us, however, these are our honest opinions!


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  • So cute! I love magnetic toys like that! They make great “quiet toys” like for church or doctor’s offices!
    And I am a HUGE fan of pet rocks, so that is super neat! What a cool idea, for the kid to actually get to create the rock!

  • I can tell from the smiles on these two faces that they were super fun to play with! Also they look like very good quality that would last!

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