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If I could get behind just one product I have reviewed thus far, it would be this…what is this you might ask ? To be technical, the particular items that I reviewed are handmade sunflower trivets/hotpads, but what makes these hotpads to spectacular? Besides being completely beautiful and extremely useful, they were made by a very beautiful woman named Rehana Bibi…and that’s wonderful. Please read on and find out why hotpads made my Rehana Bibi are such a fantastic thing…

Let’s start out by talking about Toockies! ( written by the creator of Toockies herself! )

“As a young girl I lived in a small fishing village on an island in the Azores. My mother had very few opportunities to make money because culturally she was expected to stay home and provide free labor to support the family. Her only source of income was embroidery. There was someone in the village that would provide the local ladies with embroidery materials and patterns. The finished work was exported to European countries. Mom embroidered to pay for her clothes as a single woman, her wedding dress, household needs, baby needs, and to buy each of her three daughters a gold cross necklace. I always think of her and how she was able to earn from home, when I see woman struggling to meet the needs of their families.

When I married and became a homemaker myself, my mother-in-law introduced me to knitted dishcloths she received from her cousin Claudia, better known as “Toockie”. I very quickly became dependent on these “Toockies” to clean my home, my kids and my car. Soon I started thinking everybody should have these amazing Toockies® that lasted for years because they out performed most of the disposable cleaning products I had to keep buying every month.

I began to think about how I might start a home business, with the help of women who could use a bit of extra money like my mom did. Inspired by the Oprah show which, through the Angel Network, helped so many in sometimes very simple ways, I began to look for an organization working with women who could not only use a bit of money, but were in need of a life saving income.

A couple of years, and a few pregnancies later, I saw a documentary on the plight of young women in India who were forced into slavery and prostitution. I wonder how desperate the need to live must be, that someone would give up their child to some unknown fate for money to buy food to eat? In the documentary a group of people were trying to rescue some of these girls, but they were in need of funds to support them because they did not have any skills they could use to support themselves.

What could I do to affect change living here in the U.S.? What could I give to a family that would prevent the sale of a child?

One day my oldest step – son told me his girl friend’s mother worked for a nonprofit organization that helps children in India. I met with her and exchanged ideas and information about our mutual interest in the “greater good”. I had to build a business plan.

Today we are making a difference for women and their families in Nababpur, India using a system very similar to the embroidery system my mother belonged to. The Toockie® project opens an unimaginable door of opportunity for our knitters. In Nababpur, 210 women desperate for a dignified way to earn a living, are mobilized and trained to knit Toockies®. A community center is setup for these women as a central location for them to come train, knit, pick-up yarn, and drop off finished toockies®. Most knitters work from home, allowing them to work flexible hours.

The Toockie® project makes a difference by empowering these women to take charge of their own destiny.

In gratitude we have given our knitters a voice by having them learn how to write their names and adding them to our packaging. We have also added their photographs and their wishes to our web site so that anyone who wants to know who the name on their Toockies Brand Product belongs to, can look her up.”

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These beautiful handmade  trivets are sold in a 2 size sets. The large (~13 inch diameter) trivet is perfect for casserole dishes and roasting pans because they can hold the dishes with out tipping at the corners when you scoop out of them. The medium sized one (~7 inch diameter) protects your furniture from smaller serving dishes or bowls.  Together, these two add practical elegance to any table.

  • 100% Organic Jute

  • Hand Crafted – 1/2″  Thick Jute Weave Provides Extra Protection for your fine furniture.

  • Gentle grip for slick, wet, hot  or cold cookware while protecting furniture from condensation and prevent direct contact with temperature changes.

  • Not chemically treated with fire retardent.

  • Biodegradable. Natural Cotton Color.  No chemical dyes and not artificial fibers.

  • They will work hard for you!  For the practical person they save time & money while  socially and environmentally responsible.

  • Fair Trade Members

  • Benefit those who make, sell, buy, use, and gift them. Signed by artisan.

  • Dishwashe Safe or Handwash and air dry. Bleach as needed.

  • Can be hung on the wall as a decorative item or stored in a drawer for ready use.

  • Design inspired by a Flaming Flower. Passion and beauty.

So who is Rehana Bibi? She is the creator of my particular set of Sunflower hotpads—and why is this matters is because Rihana Bibi works very hard to support her family, she heartbreakingly works, because her husband is an addict who does not work, she was forced to go back to her Mother’s house and must work to eat. I absolutely adore my hotpads, the intricate hand crafted beautiful work that Rehana made with her own two hands hoping to make a better life for herself.  If I could recommend one product to you, it would be this! These are very very well made, functional products that will be a beautiful  addition to your home! Toockies also offers several other handmade products that would also make very wonderful functional additions , including : exfoliating circulation gloves, apple trivets, exfoliating washcloths and many more! 
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A photo of Rihana Bibi the creator of my beautiful hotpads set.

Please check out this video and consider checking out Toockies and making a difference!

Toockies has SO graciously offered to send one of you the same set of sunflower hotpads that I received, I simply ask that to enter you be a resident of the US 18+, check out the Toockies website, like their Facebook page, and like my page, the contest ends on September 30th @ 11:59am central time.

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