I cannot believe it is finally here! The day that my webpage is finally open and ready for me to start blogging/posting! We are still under a bit of construction, but I absolutely love everything so far! Let me know what you think! I will begin posting my reviews/blogs/giveaways here and then linking them to my Facebook page . You will still be able to post and carrying on conversations on my Facebook page, we just have a moreĀ organized area for all of our fun from now on! Yay! I cannot wait for all of the things that are now possible, and will do my best to get things up and running sooner rather than later.

Also…I have a different kind of review/giveaway coming soon…this giveaway will be based on everything done previous to this post. This prize will go to the person who has commented, referred and participated the very most on this page from the very very beginning. This prize will be given to the ACTUAL winner, related to me or not…because regardless whomever the winner is, they have done Ā a bunch of work and given a ton of support! Be on the lookout for that one, so we can congratulate my biggest supporter!


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  • Love the website! Looks great, easy to navigate and full of great reviews & info! I am happy to have found your site. New fan sharing with all and spreading the Homemaking Heather joy!

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