YumEarth Organic Edible Valentine’s Charms DIY + Win $25 Worth Of YumEarth Candy!



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I am always looking for fun quirky projects/ways to celebrate just about every holiday, so I have been wracking my brain recently looking for something that was going to be delicious, adorable and something that my kids could help me make. We have always turned to YumEarth for tasty candy goodies that I feel comfortable giving my children, so what better choice than using their delicious Organic Pops in our craft! 

Currently YumEarth is offering two different delicious goodies to suit all of your Valentine’s Day goodies! Organic Valentine Pops and their delicious Gummy Bears! For our craft, we chose to use the Pops, which include 30+ Valentines, so not only do we get a fun yummy craft, but we have sweet little cards we can attach to our craft to give as sweet gifts if we so choose! With these yummies we created what we are affectionately calling YumEarth Organic Edible Valentines Charms! 


Create Your Own Edible Organic Lollipop Charms

 These adorable little lolli heart charms are absolutely adorable and look quite nice attached to glass bottled sodas! With these bottles/charms,  I created a very chic Valentine’s inspired display to use at each place setting for our little Valentine’s Day party we will be throwing. Though you can use your charms in any way you desire, please remember these are still a bit sticky after hardening! I really love how they turned out with their stained glass effect and my kids had a ton of fun creating them and of course taste testing a few as well! See below for instructions on how make your own! 


What you need:

YumEarth Pops, silicone baking cups of any size or shape ( I have seen others use metal cookie cutters on a baking sheet, but I found this was easier ), a baking sheet, a straw, some string ( I used bakers twine ) and of course an oven. This craft definitely needs to be supervised by an adult with oven mitts! 

What we did for this craft:

We pre-heated our oven to 350 degrees and while we were waiting we busted up our YumEarth Pops into pieces, for the heart shaped silicone liners that we used, it took about two pops to get the size we desired. We then placed our silicone cups on a baking sheet and once the oven was pre-heated, we placed our baking sheet in the oven. The pops melt fairly quick, so you need to keep a close eye on the progress. Ever oven is different, so it’s best to pull your baking sheet out once the pops have went completely to liquid and have began to bubble. The liquid inside of these cups is VERY hot, so please be careful! Next, I pulled the cups off of the baking sheet to help them cool off faster–this isn’t a necessary step, but I felt like it helped. These cool quite rapidly, but if you want to speed up the process, placing them in the freezer for a bit does help. To create your hole stick a straw into your still gooey pop liquid in the cup…you must do this once the liquid has started to harden, but before it has once again became solid–this can be a little tricky, but it’s easy to figure out after your first attempt 🙂 After you have created your hole, let your pop become completely solid and then pop it out of the silicone cup. This is going to be a bit sticky, so keep that in mind. Next I put my string through the hole and then attached it to my bottle, though you can obviously attach this adorable little charm to anything you like!  



You can check out all of the delicious goodies that YumEarth has to offer by visiting them here! While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out their Facebook and Twitter for all of their delicious updates! 


Win $25 Worth Of YumEarth Organic Candy!

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