ZENMED Three Step Skin Support System Review

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For those of you who haven’t read my previous posts you may not know that I suffer from an annoying thing called rosacea! Ugh. And for those of you who aren’t familiar with what it is, here is a brief description:

What Is Rosacea?


Rosacea (pronounced roh-ZAY-sha) is a common but poorly understood disorder of the facial skin that is estimated to affect well over 16 million Americans — and most of them don’t know it. In fact, while rosacea is becoming increasingly widespread as the populous baby boom generation enters the most susceptible ages, a Gallup survey found that 78 percent of Americans have no knowledge of this condition, including how to recognize it or what to do about it.

 Because of its red-faced, acne-like effects on personal appearance, however, it can cause significant psychological, social and occupational problems if left untreated.


In surveys by the National Rosacea Society, more than 76 percent of rosacea patients said their condition had lowered their self-confidence and self-esteem, and 41 percent reported that it had caused them to avoid public contact or cancel social engagements. Among rosacea patients with severe symptoms, 88 percent said the disorder had adversely affected their professional interactions, and 51 percent said they had even missed work because of their condition.


While the cause of rosacea is unknown and there is no cure, today medical help is available that can control the signs and symptoms of this potentially life-disruptive disorder. Any one of the following warning signs is a signal to see a dermatologist or other knowledgeable physician for diagnosis and appropriate treatment before the signs and symptoms become increasingly severe:

  • Redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead.
  • Small visible blood vessels on the face.
  • Bumps or pimples on the face.
  • Watery or irritated eyes.

I suffer from these two symptoms ( though I consider myself very lucky and do not have severe Papulopustular Rosacea)   :

Subtype 1: Facial Redness(Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea)

Rosacea sufferers often experience flushing and persistent facial redness. Small blood vessels may also become visible in some patients, and stinging, burning, swelling and roughness or scaling may occur.

Subtype 2: Bumps and Pimples(Papulopustular Rosacea)

In addition to persistent redness, bumps (papules) and/or pimples (pustules) are common in many rosacea sufferers. Some patients may also experience raised red patches known as plaques. ( information from www.rosacea.org )

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( I do not think this photo captures how bad this flare up was…not to mention how uncomfortable I felt ) Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When I first started using the products, there were a few hiccups to be honest…my skin is a lot more sensitive than I thought for one, so upon first use I experienced some irritation and a little bit of swelling…however, I messaged a lovely lady from ZENMED who had been helping me, and she switched the routine up a bit and I was able to continue use…I did eventually go back to the normal instructions and ended up being fine.  Here are the instructions for use :

Anti-Redness Mask

Wash the face. Apply a thin layer all over the face, avoiding eyes and lips. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse off with tepid water. Pat the skin dry, follow with serum and moisturizer.

Gentle Cleansing Cream

Wet face. Rub a small amount of this product into the face using circular motions avoiding eyes and mouth. Rinse off using tepid water and pat the skin dry. Can be used twice a day, morning and night.

Support Serum

Apply alone or under your favourite moisturizer. Avoid eyes and lips. Best applied at night. Can be used twice a day.

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I love the way my skin feels after I wash using the Gentle Cleansing Cream…it’s so very cooling/refreshing, especially if I am currently flushing, or having a yucky flare up!

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Though I do not use the mask quite a frequently, I also really love the effects! Even though you are allowed to use as often as you want after the first week, I use this usually only once/week, and sometimes I will skip it if my skin is feeling extra sensitive.

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I absolutely love the Support Serum! It gives me so much relief, and I believe it has helped my redness control SO much! I even apply this once I feel an issue beginning to pop up! ( it does say to only use twice/day, and I usually do not exceed that )

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There is no cure for rosacea, but as you can see my skin is A LOT smoother and has a lot less bumps…not to mention I am not as red!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic   My final thoughts…I think ZENMED products are amazing! After a little trial and error they have really worked well for me. I know it might be hard to tell an actual difference in my photographs, but I notice a difference in how I look and how I feel. Do I still experience symptoms of rosacea? Absolutely. I always will…but I have a strong weapon on my side, helping me fight the effects and keeping me looking less red–in turn receiving a significantly less amount of questions regarding my redness…”Do you have a sunburn??” , “WOW! You must have been out in the sun for a long time, huh?”  I will continue to use my set and have faith that I will see even bigger improvements as time goes by. If you or someone you know struggle like me, you should check out the ZENMED website here …they are SUPER helpful and can help you figure out exactly what you need and what to do to get started! 🙂   A little info from their website:

Our Skin Support System for Dry Rosacea-prone skin is meant to be your choice for long-term, reparative skincare. Using the Gentle Cleansing Cream for cleansing, the nourishing Anti-Redness Mask as well as the Vitamin C punctuated Support Serum will go far in helping rebuild the damaged collagen networks, improve damage like broken and visible blood vessels and preventing annoying flare-ups and redness in the future. The Skin Support System is recommended for anyone with sensitive skin that suffers from redness, burning, flushing type flare-ups, aging skin, small pustules, pimples, and a bumpy flaky complexion. This system is best for sensitive, dry skin.

What Can I Expect:

This combination of products will help to calm the skin after each use. Best to be used once day, at night, with a sunscreen used during the day. Wake up to visibly clearer, smoother skin. With natural anti-bacterial qualities as well, you can expect a minimizing in small bumps and whiteheads that often accompany this type of inflamed skin condition. Helps to visibly minimize the look of broken blood vessels and give your skin a refreshing glow. Notice a dramatic reduction in redness and ruddy skin.

This Product Does Not Contain:

  • Sulfur, alcohol, irritants
  • Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphates
  • Petrochemicals
  • Animal Ingredients
  • Un-Necessary Packing Containers
  • Synthetic Dyes or Fragrances

I was sent these products at no cost to me, however, these opinions are 100 percent my own.

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